Paul Edwards

Paul is a PhD student jointly supervised by Diamond Light Source and the University of Leeds; he sits within the Industrial Liaison group at Diamond and the molecular Process and Materials Engineering group at Leeds.  During his undergraduate degree, Paul developed a solid understanding of physical and computational chemistry methods, and the physics behind it, leading to the award of a first class MSci (Hons) Natural Sciences degree from Lancaster University in 2019. 

The PhD entitled:`NEXAFS Crystallography: A novel approach to refinement of proton positions in organic crystal structures’, will investigate the use of Near Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy coupled with Density Functional Theory (DFT) quantum chemical calculations to accurately determine organic crystal structures, with particular interest in the proton position in hydrogen bonds. 

Throughout the research, the high throughput branch of beamline
B-07 at Diamond will be utilised for the measurement of NEXAFS.