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Arturs Pugejs

Postgraduate Research Student

Email: pmapu[at]
Arturs Pugejs
School of Chemical and Process Engineering
The University of Leeds
Leeds, UK
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Integrated MSc & PhD in Chemical Engineering – University of Leeds (2016 – Present)
MChem (Hons) in Chemistry with Industrial Experience– University of Bradford (2012 – 2016)


SCaPE Research Day Poster Prize – University of Leeds (2018)


Analytical Chemist (Industrial Placement) – Unilever UK (2015 – 2016)


Lab Captain (2019 – 2020)

Research Project Summary

Current Project (2017 – Present):
Title – Surfactant-mediated reactive crystallisation of calcium carbonate particles from multi-phase media
Outline – The project aim is to elucidate the surfactant effect on the mechanism behind calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystal morphology, size and polymorph controlled crystallisation in surfactant stabilised multi-phase media. The objectives of the study include anionic, cationic, and non-ionic surfactant mediated synthesis of CaCO3 nanometre sized particles in aqueous and non-polar media within self-assembled surfactant structures. Development of apparatus for in-situ time-resolved X-ray and vibrational spectroscopy analysis of the synthesis process. Identification of the molecular pathways involved in CaCO3 crystallization and establishing guidelines for their control to obtained size, shape, polymorph tailored CaCO3 particles.
Supervisors: Prof Sven L. M. Schroeder| Collaborators: University of Leeds and  Infineum UK

Other Projects:
MSc Research Project – Asphaltene Chemical Structure Characteristics for Solvent Resistant Film Adsorption on Stainless Steel Surfaces
MChem Research Project – HPLC analysis of antiperspirant actives by integrated ICP-OES
BSc Research Project – Recent advances in total synthesis of tropane scaffold

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