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Gunjan Das

Postgraduate Research Student

Email: pmgd[at]
Gunjan Das
Research Complex at Harwell
Harwell Science and Innovation Campus
Chilton, Didcot, OX11 0DE
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PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering – University of Leeds (2018 – Present)
MSci (Hons) in Chemistry – Queen Mary, University of London (2013 – 2017)




Research Project Summary

Current Project (2016 – Present):
Title – Synchrotron radiation studies of continuous crystallisation and manufacturing processes
Outline – The aim of this project is to obtain a better mechanistic understanding of the molecular level processes taking place during continuous anti-solvent crystallisation of organic compounds. In anti-solvent crystallisation a solution of the crystallising compound is combined with a miscible second solvents, which reduces the solubility of the crystallising product. The aim is to obtain a sufficiently good understanding of the process to enable predictive control of product properties, most importantly crystal structure as well as the crystal size distribution and the habit of the crystals. One objective of interest is to study the initial nucleation and subsequent crystallization stages in a concentric mixing device using the latest generation of synchrotron radiation X-ray techniques. Imaging, scattering, spectroscopy and diffraction are available, but the initial project phase will focus on imaging with absorption and inline phase contrast, and exploring the use of grating interferometry, which has not previously been used in this context. Additional spatially resolved information will be obtained in later stages of the project through XPDF contrast, ptychography, SAXS, and diffractive imaging.
Supervisors: Prof Sven L. M. Schroeder, Prof Kevin Roberts, Prof Jan Sefcik and Dr Shashi Marathe| Collaborators: University of Leeds, Diamond Light Source and CMAC.

Other Projects:
MSci Research Project- Imaging Zinc (2017)
MSci Literature Dissertation – The role of HF in astrochemistry (2016)

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