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PhD Researchers

 NameYearFirst Destination
32.Dr Paul Edwards2023Network Rail
31.Dr James Bucag2023NHS
30.Dr Bethan Evans2022NHS
29.Dr Gunjan Das2022Syngenta
28.Dr Ben Tayler-Barrett2021Software Developer, Aire Logic Ltd, UK
27.Dr Laila Al-Madhagi2019Johnson Matthey, UK
26.Dr Abdulrahman Ajina2019Aramco
25.Dr Thokozile Kathyola2018Postdoc, University of Leeds
24.Dr Lauren K. Newton2018unknown
23.Dr Sharlinda Salim Sachithananthan2017unknown
22.Dr Sin-Yuen Chang2016Postdoc at Industrial Liaison Office, Diamond Light Source, Ltd.
21.Dr Adrian Gainar2016EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship, Imperial College London
20.Dr Amani Musharah2016Aramco
19.Dr Devon Indar2015Assistant Professor, University of Trinidad & Tobago
18.Dr Joshua Goldberg2015Teach First
17.Dr Christopher Maher2014National Nuclear Laboratory
16.Dr Matthew Thomason2013Novartis
15.Dr Vicky Levins (nee Fawcett)2011Unilever
14.Dr Luanga N. Nchari2011Postdoctoral Research, The University of Manchester
13.Dr Hamizah Mohd. Zaki2011Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
12.Dr Joanna S. Stevens2010EPSRC PhD+ Fellowship
11.Dr Matthew Hudson2010Shell
10.Dr David J. Meehan2009Postdoctoral Research, The University of Manchester
9.Dr Hamid Esfahanian2008Consultancy, Manchester, UK
8.Dr Anna Makarowicz2008Abcr Chemicals, Germany
7.Dr Nikolaos Tsapatsaris2008Postdoctoral Research Associate, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Germany
6.Dr Andrew W.F. Ip2008Assistant Professor, University of Macao
5.Dr A. Murray Booth2008Postdoctoral Research, The University of Manchester; now at Waters
Recommended read: Murray’s career story on Vitae
4.Dr Simon Braun2008BASF
3.Dr Agnes Dauvergne2007Pfizer (now at AstraZeneca)
2.Dr Karifala Dumbuya2005Postdoctoral Research, University of Erlangen, Germany; since 2011 at BASF Catalysts Germany GmbH (Hannover)
1.Dr Norbert Weiher2003Postdoctoral Research, ETH Zürich

Postdocs & Fellows

Dr Thokozile Kathyola2018-2021EPSRC / InfineumDiamond Light Source
Dr Sin-Yuen Chang2016-2018Diamond / Infineum / AstraZenecaPostgraduate Studies (Chinese Cultural Studies)
Dr Joanna Stevens 2011-2015EPSRCUniversity Academic Research Fellow, University of Manchester
Dr Yvonne Gründer2010-2013EPSRCRoyal Society University Research Fellow, University of Liverpool
Dr Monika Walczak2011-2013PeMexPostdoc at University of Manchester
Dr Luanga N. Nchari2011-2013PeMexKraft Foods, later Douwe-Egberts, since 2019 at NIZO (Netherlands)
Dr Kevin Back2011-2012EPSRC PhD+Pfizer
Dr Ghazala Sadiq2013EPSRCDesign Centre Scientist at Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
Dr Peter Ivanov2012EPSRCSenior Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
Dr Joanna Stevens2010-2011EPSRCPhD+ Fellowship
Dr Mike Cooke2010-2012Unilever/EPSRCSchool of Chemical Engineering
Dr Nikolaos Tsapatsaris2008EPSRCPostdoctoral Research Associate, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Germany
Dr Guy A. Hembury2006-2008EPSRCResearch Director, Bioniqs, UK
Dr Angela Beesley2004-2007EPSRCUnilever
Dr Elizabeth A. Willneff2006-2007EPSRCSenior Experimental Officer, Centre for Materials Discovery, University of Liverpool
Dr Norbert Weiher2004-2007EPSRCLecturer, School of Sound Recording, Manchester

Academic Visitors

Professor Nidal Al-DerziVisiting Lecturer 2010-11
Dr Yogita Patil-SenVisiting Lecturer 2013-14

MSc Researchers

Yeungching Kong2010/11Shell, Brunei
Sudhanshu Mohanty2010/11tbc
Abdil Halimis Stani2009/10The Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Jakarta
Ly May Chew2008/09PhD, University of Bochum, Germany
Helen Tatton2005/06Analyst, Instrumentation Enterprise, South of England
Maryam Hashemi2005/06unknown
Satyender Goel2004/05PhD, University of Central Florida, USA
Philip Peartree2004/05PhD, University of Manchester, UK
Charilaos Kotsiomytis2002/03Greek Army

Diploma Thesis Researchers*

Jürgen Osswald2002PhD, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany
Elizabeth A. Willneff2001PhD, UMIST, UK
Catharina Klanner2000PhD, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, now at BASF
Norbert Weiher1999PhD, FU Berlin

MEng Research Project Students

James Black2011/12PhD, The University of Manchester, UK
Sin-Yuen Chang2011/12PhD, The University of Manchester, UK
Vanessa Suinggi2011/12Shell, Malaysia
Ching Michael Foo2010/11PhD, National University of Singapore (NUS)
Will Johnson2010/11Process Engineer, Arvia Technologies
Lauren Newton2010/11PhD, The University of Manchester, UK
Michalis Pelendritis2009/10PhD, The University of Manchester, UK
Mahmoud Gawish2009/10unknown
Jeff Wang2008/09unknown
Devon Indar2008/09Trinidad and Tobago Petroleum Company; now pursuing a PhD, The University of Manchester, UK
Habeeb Owo2007/08unknown
Marco Lazzarini2005/06unknown
Chetan Shetty2004/05unknown

Undergraduate Volunteers

Mohammed Ghazi Atallah2009/10transfer to BSc degree, Brown University, USA

MChem Research Project Students

Helen Gallon2007PhD in Chemistry, University of Manchester
Matthew Bromfield2007PhD in Materials Science, University of Manchester
Shimon Shapiro2006Volvo
Thomas Lonsborough2005Head of Online Learning, Manchester MIDI School
David J. Meehan2005PhD in Chemistry, University of Manchester
Akintayo Adisa2004PhD in Chemistry, University of Manchester

BSc Final Year Research Students

Michael Hitchen2006private company
Tom Wheeler2005unknown
Shiv Savani2005PhD in Materials Science, University of Manchester
Philip Peartree2004MSc, then PhD, University of Manchester

ERASMUS Research Project

Aurelie Maubert2007unknown

*Freie Universität Berlin