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Conferences Proceedings

[1] Japanese Title
A. Uehara, S.G. Booth, S.Y. Chang, S.L.M. Schroeder, J.F.W. Mosselmans, R.A.W. Dryfe
Review of Polarography 60 (2014) 228.

[2] High throughput automatic characterisation of materials using the LabVIEW platform
Nikolaos Tsapatsaris, Angela Beesley & Sven L.M. Schroeder
NIDays 2007, London, UK, 25 Oct 2007; 33-34.
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This paper was selected as one of the best submissions to the Virtual Instrumentation in Practice (VIP)/Learning with LabVIEW Paper Contest 2007. Click here for a link to the NIDays 2007 Conference.

[3] Polymorphism from a solution perspective: Rationalisation at the molecular level
Vicky M Fawcett, Guy A Hembury, Ben M Sattelle, Mike Sutcliffe, Roger J Davey, James F McCabe, Sven L M Schroeder
Acta Cryst. (2008). A64, C478
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