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Dr Anuradha Pallipurath

Research Fellow

Email: A.R.Pallipurath(at)
Dr Anuradha Pallipurath
School of Chemical and Process Engineering
The University of Leeds
Leeds, UK
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Phd in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge (2010 – 2013)

MSc in Chemistry (specialised in materials chemistry) from VIT Univeristy, Vellore, India (2007 -2009)

BSc. in Chemistry from Ethiraj College for women, Chennai, India


  • Royal Irish Academy Charlemont Grant (2015) – I received €2300 to pursue collaborative research, titled “Terahertz spectroscopic analysis of crystallisation kinetics of amorphous composite materials – experimental and computational studies “, with the University of Cambridge.
  • Corporate Associates Prize 2012 – I received this award in recognition of outstanding contribution to practical class demonstrating 2012, form the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge.
  • Benefactor’s Scholarship (2010 – 2013) – I was awarded this scholarship worth £100,000 by St. John’s College, University of Cambridge – a competitive, internationally-renowned award for top graduate students, to provide funding for innovative research.
  • Merit Scholarship and Gold Medal (2009) – I received this award for topping in Chemistry at postgraduate level from VIT University, India
  • Selvi R. Jeyanthi Endowment Prize and Gold Medal (2007) – I receivedthis award for general proficiency in Chemistry at undergraduate level and for topping in Chemistry at undergraduate level from Ethiraj College for Women, India


Research Fellow (May 2018 – Present) at the University of Leeds, School of Chemical and Process Engineering, Leeds, UK

Postdoctoral research associate (January 2017 – April 2018) at the University of Bath, Department of Chemistry, Bath, UK

Postdoctoral research associate (May 2014 – December 2016) at the National University of Ireland, School of Chemistry, Galway, Ireland


Develop advanced chracterisation techniques for particle engineering as part of the CMAC Future Manufacturing Hub ( )

Supervision of PhD students

Work in collaboration with industrial partners

Education representative of the Chemical crystallography group of the British Crystallography association

Research Project Summary

Solution strucutre and nucleation studies using X-ray Pair ditribution function analysis ( Details coming soon…)

Surface characterisation of functional materials using Polarised Raman spectroscopy (Details coming soon….)

Ab initio Density Functional Theory calculations of molecular complexes to study potential energy surfaces, Noncovant interactions and electrostatic potentials (Details coming soon ….)

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