Paper in Journal of Fluorine Chemistry

A joint paper with two teams from the FUNFLUOS consortium has been accepted in the Journal of Fluorine Chemistry:

Aluminium(III) fluoride originating from decomposition of hydrazinium fluoroaluminate(III) under oxidative conditions: syntheses, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and some catalytic reactions
T. Skapin, Z. Mazej, A. Makarowicz, A. Jesih, M. Nickkho-Amiry, S. L. M. Schroeder, N. Weiher, B. Žemva, J. M. Winfield
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 132 (2011), 703-712.

2010/11 MEng and MSc Research Topics

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Paper: Aluminium Oxide-Hydroxide Fluorides

A joint paper with Erhard Kemnitz’ group has been accepted in Chemistry of Materials:

Structure and properties of aluminium oxide-hydroxide fluorides
Chr. Stosiek, G. Scholz, S. L. M. Schroeder, E. Kemnitz
Chemistry of Materials
22 (2010), 2347–2356.

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