Congratulations Vicky!

Our group member Vicky Fawcett successfully defended her PhD today and passed subject to minor corrections. The title of her thesis is Polymorphism from a Solution Perspective: Rationalisation at the Molecular Level. Congratulations Dr Fawcett!

Success! VERSOX Beamline at DIAMOND Funded

It was announced today that the VERSOX soft X-ray spectroscopy beamline project at DIAMOND Light Source Ltd has been funded. Sven was one of the original proposers of this project, and as a member of the VERSOX Working Group he contributed to developing the case for supporting this beamline project. This beamline will provide our research team with a unique instrument for studying local interactions in organic materials, their nucleation – and surface chemistry in general. What makes VERSOX unique is its versatility – extending the use of soft X-ray spectroscopy beyond its traditional confines in ultra-high vacuum surface physics and chemistry. For example, soft X-ray studies of ‘wet’ soft matter, practical catalytic systems, biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, liquids and solutions will become possible for the first time in the UK. Right from the design stage the project will also take account of the needs of applied science and industrial users. As such it matches perfectly onto our research philosophy, which brings together fundamental science with its practical application.

More information is available by following this link.

Poster Prize for Vicky

carbamazepine moleculeVicky Fawcett has won the Rigaku Meeting Theme Prize for ‘the best poster of relevance to the overarching meeting theme’ at the 2010 Spring Meeting of the British Crystallographic Society (BCA). The title of the poster is “Polymorphism from a Solution Perspective: Rationalisation at the Molecular Level“.

Follow this link to download the poster

Vicky to present at BCA 2010

In April Vicky will present a talk at the Young Crystallographers Meeting of the British Crystallographic Association (BCA) in Sheffield. Details to follow.

BCA Spring Meeting 2010