New arrivals

It is the time of the year where people come and go. We would like to welcome

  • Devon Indar and Amani Musharah, who join our team as new PhD students from September 2010. Both will work on the catalytic upgrading of chemicals from sustainable feedstocks.
  • Dr Elizabeth Willneff,  who took up her position as Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Fellow in the School on 1 September. Beth will work on strategies for the analysis and conservation of artist’s acrylic emulsion paints.
  • Dr Yvonne Gründer, who will join us from the University of Kiel (Germany) on 1 November; Yvonne will be a joint postdoc between the Dryfe and SLMS research groups, working on in situ XAS studies of the nucleation and growth of metal nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces in collaboration with DIAMOND Light Source and Mark Schlossman at the University of Illinois Chicago.
  • Lauren Newton, Michael Foo and Will Johnson, who will work with us in the academic year 2010/11 for their final year MEng research projects.

New research grant: The Designer Nanoparticle

An NSF/EPSRC proposal with Robert Dryfe and Mark Schlossman to study nanoparticle nucleation and growth at liquid-liquid interfaces with synchrotron radiation techniques (XAS and GIXS) has been successful.

Follow this link for more details

Dechema Catalysis Roadmap

Dechema has published the 3rd edition of its influential Catalysis Roadmap. Unfortunately you need to be able to read German to fully appreciate the content. Follow this link

2010/11 MEng and MSc Research Topics

Research topics offered to MEng and MSc students in 2010/11 have been announced. Follow this link