WiFi Tethering with Windows 8

This is how your Windows 8 computer can be turned into an ad hoc WiFi router, allowing to tether other WiFi devices to its WiFi internet connection

[Note: this may also work with other versions of windows, perhaps with some modifications, but we have not tested this]


[1] Open a command prompt window as administrator

[2] Issue the command

‘netsh wlan show drivers’

In the response look for the line “Hosted network supported:” If the system indicates “Yes” then you can proceed with the next steps to set up an adhoc router.

[3] Issue the command

‘netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=[ your network ID] key=[your password]’

[4] Issue the command

‘netsh wlan start hostednetwork’

This should result in the creation of a new local area net connection in your Network and Sharing Centre. Note: it may take some time (minutes) to authenticate before it becomes available.

[5] Enable sharing on the WiFi adapter of the computer.

You should now be able to connect your devices to the router.

[6] To shut down the adhoc WiFi router issue the command:

‘netsh wlan stop hostednetwork’