FEFF8 Compilation Notes


gfortran -std=legacy -march=native -o feff82 FEFF82.F

FEFF9 Compile script

!/bin/csh -f
set bin = ‘~/feff’
set F77 = ‘gfortran -ffree-line-length-none -march=native’
set mods = ‘rdinp rhorrp pot opconsat compton ldos xsph fms path genfmt mkgtr a$

foreach mod ( $mods )
echo $F77 ${mod}_tot.f90 -o ${bin}/$mod
$F77 ${mod}_tot.f90 -o ${bin}/$mod

echo -e “\n\n\tYou can use the script”
echo -e “\t\tfeff”
echo -e “\tlocated in ../ to run feff”

FEFF9 User Install

  1. Put binaries into /opt/feff
  2. Add the following script (e.g., feff9) into /opt/feff
  3. Create symbolic link in /usr/local/bin (e.g., sudo ln -s /opt/feff/feff9 /usr/local/bin/feff9)



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