Other XPS Facilities

There are several XPS facilities in the UK that provide services complementary to the VXFS. We have active working relationships with most of these providers and can facilitate contact for our users.

These facilities may have analysis capability that is more suitable than what we can provide in Leeds. In such cases we may also refer users and clients to these facilities.

First and foremost is the EPSRC National Facility, based at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus and operated by a consortium from Cardiff, UCL and Manchester. Through financial support from EPSRC this facility can provide a relatively inexpensive standard ultra-high vacuum (UHV) XPS service.

EPSRC National Facility for X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

The NEXUS facility at the University of Newcastle provides a similar UHV service.

Newcastle EPSRC XPS User Service

Within the Sir-Henry-Royce Institute there are several more sister facilities providing complementary near-ambient pressure and UHV XPS capability.

List of all Royce XPS Facilities

Specific Facilities:

Manchester Near-Ambient Pressure XPS Facility

Cambridge Environmental XPS Facility

Advanced Photoelectron Spectrscopy Laboratory at Imperial College

Finally, for more advanced experiments, users can apply for access to several synchrotron radiation XPS facilities at Diamond Light Source, including near-ambient pressure XPS at beamline B07 (Versox).

XPS facilities at Diamond.

NAP XPS at Versox