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Academic Use (the results will be published)

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Commercial Use (the results will not be published)

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Our vision is to provide communities of researchers with an affordable avenue to a globally leading specialist X-ray spectroscopy analysis facility. To achieve this, we calculate the hourly access charge for our facility on a data-only basis.

For most studies, getting the data is the easy part. Their competent analysis and interpretation is usually the laborious bit. We can provide data analysis and interpretation to users as a chargeable service (see here), please do ask for a quote of you are interested in this.

The reputation, success and impact of our facility depends on the quality of the data and their interpretation in published outputs. We therefore seek to ensure at all times that published results from the VXSF are analysed, presented and interpreted to the expected professional standards of the specialist X-ray spectroscopy communities. For most users, especially those who are not experienced X-ray spectroscopists, it is likely that our staff will get involved in data analysis and interpretation while you are working with us, as this will ensure that the best professional standards are met, and that you will get the most out of using our facility.

We will provide such support at no cost on the understanding of having a collaborative research relationship with our users. When VXSF staff carry out or contribute to the data interpretation or their analysis then they are providing intellectual input and we normally expect them to be included in the subsequent writing of publications, as co-authors.

Data Analysis Support

If you do not wish to work on a collaborative research basis then data analysis can be provided as a chargeable service – follow this link.