HowTo: FreeDOS USB Bootdisk under Linux

Good for flashing BIOSes etc.

Instructions come from here:

  • Install qemu on your Linux system
  • Download a FreeDOS image, for example Balder
  • Find and check the partition of your USB drive, usually in ‘/dev/sd*’ (try cfdisk  /dev/sdc)
  • Make file system: mkfs.msdos /dev/sdc1
  • Mount FreeDOS image as A: drive and USB stick as C: drive: qemu -boot a -fda balder10.img -hda /dev/sdc
  • Make the USB drive (C:) a bootable system drive: A:\> sys c:
  • Copy all content of FreeDOS image to the new bootable USB drive: A:\> xcopy /E /N a: c:
  • Check with: qemu -hda /dev/sdc


Sven L. M. Schroeder / April 2012