Research Areas

Crystal Growth and Nucleation

  • Molecular Mechanisms of Metal Nanoparticle Growth at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces
  • Nonlinear Complex Systems Analysis with Quantum Chemical Descriptors
  • Spectroscopic In Situ Studies and Computational Modelling of Local Structure in Aqueous Solutions of Complex Molecular Solutes

Pharmaceutical Surface and Interface Science

  • Ultrathin Coatings and Overlayers on Pharmaceutical Actives
  • Amorphous and Noncrystalline Components in Pharmaceutical Actives and Their Formulations
  • Synchrotron X-ray Spectroscopy of Molecular Materials and Products

Instrumentation and Analytical Science

  • Automated and Autonomous Instrumentation for Investigations of Complex Chemical Systems
  • High-throughput X-ray Absorption Fine-Structure (XAFS) Spectroscopy
  • Rheology Automation


  • Molecular Mechanism of Chirality Amplification in Organometallic Systems
  • Catalytic Low-Temperature Oxidation
  • Catalytic Upgrading of Sustainable Feedstocks to Platform Chemicals
  • Solid Strong Lewis Acids: Aluminium Fluorides and Oxyfluorides

Heritage Science and Art Conservation

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